• 2nd & Church
    January 2012 – Present. 2nd & Church celebrates writers, poets, and readers. Our goal is to be inclusive of many different types of writers and writing, including creative nonfiction, writing for children (W4C), technical writing, songwriting, literary fiction, poetry, translation, and commercial fiction.

Primrose Hill

  • PRIM4
    This is a park near Swiss Cottage where I jogged daily.

Adjunct Professor

  • Western Kentucky University
    Fall 2008 - Present. Adjunct professor at Western Kentucky University (WKU), teaching English 100, 200, and 300, as well as a creative writing course (E203) every now and then. East semester, I teach a night class on campus and (at least) one class online using Blackboard.

Swiss Cottage

  • ADAMSO12
    These photos are of the Swiss Cottage community in London, England. These are photos of settings from my manuscript.
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